Dr. Dmitry Abbakumov
Psychometrics and Data Science
for Students' Success and Retention in EdTech
Welcome! My name is Dmitry Abbakumov. I am passionate about creating added value in EdTech through the combination of data science and psychometric inference. Since 2023, I have been leading data-driven educational technologies at TripleTen, a beginner-friendly online coding bootcamp renowned for its high completion rate and graduate employment. From 2021 to 2022, I was responsible for learning analytics and psychometrics at the EdTech business unit of Yandex, a prominent technology company. Prior to this, I had the privilege of working with prof. dr. Wim Van den Noortgate on tracking, measuring, and explaining students' proficiency in Coursera's MOOCs at KU Leuven, which is recognized as Europe's most innovative university. In 2019, I earned a Doctor of Educational Sciences degree with a specialization in statistical modeling. Let's unlock the full potential of EdTech together!
Following my passion, I have developed the following technologies:

Cognitive Feasibility Monitor. This tool detects parts of theory and practice that are overly difficult (or too easy) for learners and require optimization. As a result, content teams know exactly where to allocate resources effectively.

Learning Performance Tracker. This tool identifies learners who require additional learning support in real-time, which can be provided either through automated means or by a human instructor. The technology helps support and tutoring teams work efficiently by addressing evident problems.

Mastery Depth Tracker. This tool measures the level of confidence with which a learner engages in each studied skill and highlights skills that could benefit from extra practice. The tracker helps students achieve robust results and gain certainty in the skillset they acquire.

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The tools are a result of the integration of Data Science and Psychometrics.

Data Science is a multidisciplinary academic field that explores data to extract valuable insights for businesses. It integrates principles and practices from mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering to analyze large volumes of data. This analysis aims to address questions such as what occurred, why it occurred, what is likely to happen, and what actions can be taken based on the results.

Psychometrics is a scientific discipline aimed at the in-depth understanding and precise measurement of unobservable constructs (e.g., programming skills, tech anxiety, or motivation) and processes (e.g., learning, mastery, or forgetting) through statistical treatment and modeling of observable data (e.g., responses to tasks on a coding platform, logged behavior in a digital environment, or responses to a questionnaire).

Together, Data Science and Psychometrics make learning visible. They can highlight content that does not work and requires improvement, identify students who are struggling and in need of educational support, provide proof of effectiveness for pedagogical interventions and implemented platform features, and more. In other words, they form the core of evidence-based education and cost-effective EdTech products.
These three technologies have been successfully implemented in an EdTech startup, a big tech company, and multiple universities in various contexts and executions. In terms of business results, the implementation has led to cost-effective content improvement, flexible and personalized student support, a decrease in dropout rates, and an increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score).
Dmitry is such a gem! He is an expert in learning sciences and can share his knowledge with non-experts. I was lucky to work with Dmitry as part of my role at Coursera. Dmitry played a central role in the success of Higher School of Economics online courses. He was also an essential member of the research community and presented at Coursera conferences several times.
Inessa Roman
ex-Principal, Partnerships at Coursera
Currently, I am dedicated to further improving and deploying these technologies in a more comprehensive and extensive manner. For EdTech companies and startups that aim to reduce churn related to the learning component of their product, I am offering the 'Psychometrician-in-Residence' program. In this program, I act as a player-coach, working closely with your analytics and product teams to solve the problems of your product by combining data science and psychometric inference within a quarter. By the end of the quarter, you will not only receive a solution but also empower your internal team with the competence to tackle similar issues. It is important to note that I donate half of my salary from these part-time activities to funds that support critically ill children and young adults and help refugees from Ukraine.
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